Salient Features

The Central Academy Shikshantar has the following Salient Features / Visions .

  • We aim at vigourous pursuit of excellence in academics, extra-curricular activities, games, sports & character building.

  • To develop fluency in the use of the mother tongue and to foster enjoyment of all the processes of communication oral, written and visual.

  • To enchance the intellectual & creative capacity of the individual.

  • To stimulate intellectual curiosity and to foster all round growth and development of the student.

  • The school provides a sound education designed to fit its students for the world of tomorrow in whatever sphere of activity they do.

  • To encourage an attitude of positive response to the persistent demands of a changing society; yet firmly upholding a belief in basic values.

  • To inculcate in them the cultural heritage of our country and to provide a healthy & congenial atmosphere in the school where citizens of tomorrow study under the care of trained & devoted teachers and prepare them to be worthy citizens of our motherland.

  • We provide a student friendly approach with primary focus on preparing an individual for life and world of work along with value orientation.

  • Continous & comprehensive evaluation is used to assess the effective cognitive & psychomotor development of students on a grading scale with no pass/fail upto class III.

  • We promote talents in sports, mathematics, science and provide forums to students to participate. Programmes in life skills, adolescence education, health sciences are designed to enhance holistic development.

  • There is continous effort to reduce the load of school bag and provide alternatives to homework from class III.

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