Principal's Message

Gaurav Sen Jhala

Manager / Principal

Central Academy 'Shikshantar'

Central Academy 'Shikshantar' over the years has come to symbolize the truest spirit of dedication to the tasks of maintaining the highest standard of education.

Life at Central Academy Shikshantar is special, enriching and meaningful, about what is valuable and what is lasting that learning to learn is really learning to see beyond the mainstream. How it will challenge you and champion you and change you forever. What you discover, you will never forget and what you experience you will value for the rest of your life.

Central Academy Shikshantar is committed to providing a healthy & congenial atmosphere in the school where citizens of tomorrow study under the care of trained and devoted teachers and prepare them to be worthy citizens of our country.

Central Academy Shikshantar On all occasions we recall Smt. Maya Singh Ji our founder's inspiring words.Her simbol down to Earth wisdom showed us the light.Her lagacy will live on foreever.Wie can look forward with optimism a strong foundation which was laid 40 years ago which is paying the destiny of thousands and will continue to do so.We would desire that our students enter through GYANDWAR and leave through SHAKTIDWAR with an enquiring mind, a sense of social and moral values , a sense of service and humor And the attrbute to become good citizens of india & the world.